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Market Opportunity and Size

How much will the Global Property Management Market be worth in 2028?

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global market size is expected to reach $28.21 billion USD by 2028.

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*SOURCES: MSCI 2020/2021, STATISTA 2020, CAI 2015 (Represents US Market), GLOBE NEWSWIRE 2021

Recession Resistant

The predictable income streams that PMI systems provide in multiple pillars allow franchisees to grow regardless of what is happening in the economy, and most importantly, the demand continues to grow for great property managers.

  • Tenants are paying their residential rent, homeowners are paying their HOA fees, and a pent up demand for travel is growing.
  • PMI has predictable, consistent income streams and the systems to implement them already in place. Savings from the best vendors also help property managers save money.
  • Market demand is increasing.
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PMI Footprint and Year-Over-Year Growth

PMI’s rapidly expanding network shows no sign of slowing down. As a global brand, PMI is consistently ranked as one of the top fastest-growing franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Annual Growth Rate Chart
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