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Property Management Systems: 9 Reasons Why Property Management Firms Are Converting to a PMI Franchise

Property Management Systems: 9 Reasons Why Property Management Firms Are Converting to a PMI Franchise

Most property management professionals quickly find that managing the day-to-day operations of their business can be all consuming. They get bogged down with endless details and processes can vary from one owner and tenant to the next. Having systems that will help you handle the myriad of challenges that come up in a property manager’s life can help you reclaim your life and spend more time adding clients instead of just handling the management of current clients. PMI has systems, technology, support, and training you can use now to get your business back on track.

Here are nine reasons why you should convert your business to a PMI franchise:

1. Enter new pillars in the industry with speed and proficiency. PMI has four sectors or pillars of opportunity, where most property managers may only be active in one or two. You may have been managing residential real estate for years, but have been watching the exploding growth of associations and vacation/short-term rentals and wonder how you can capitalize on those trends. Expanding into a new area of your business can
be a daunting task, but with a PMI franchise, you will have the systems, support, technology, coaching, tools, and marketing to make a quick start, manage more properties, and achieve your goals faster as a result.

2. Capitalize on growth potential with additional revenue streams. With the powerful technology and systems built into a PMI franchise, PMI has negotiated and added additional revenue streams you can start using right away. Most property managers struggle with just 3-4 revenue streams. PMI has 50+ property management revenue streams to increase how much you make per door in just the residential pillar. PMI is continually adding new services and programs to help franchisees grow their business and are currently working on adding additional nine revenue streams this year. With a PMI franchise, you’ll have the right foundation to build your business with a long-term increase in value. You can scale your business to sell or continue to manage your business long into the future. Powerful, established systems are what you need to grow your business. Why figure out what works the hard way in your current or new pillar? Join PMI and learn how to grow now.

3. Utilize technology and systems that really work. PMI continually develops and innovates technology to more effectively run efficient property management businesses. They are constantly on the lookout for the best property management systems. They also work to improve templates and systems that will get better results. With nationwide buying power with their 275+ franchisees, they are able to negotiate better rates and programs for the most innovative marketing strategies that few property managers are able to implement well or even afford. Before PMI rolls anything out to all PMI franchisees, they extensively test all software and systems, so you can be sure that what they recommend will work for your business.

4. Get better marketing support. Some property managers are using outdated marketing that no longer works. Digital marketing is constantly changing. Having the perspective of hundreds of property management businesses helps PMI stay on top of trends so they can make adjustments quickly. You may not feel confident with some of the new social media marketing tools available today. PMI will help you get set up on the most important platforms, make posts for you each week, and get your marketing consistently generating new leads for you. You are in the driver’s seat of your business, but you’re not alone. With PMI, you’ll have an experienced co-pilot who can ensure you are getting the best results right now. Results are what matter in marketing and PMI’s track record is second to none.

5.  Receive the best training and corporate support. PMI continues to convert existing property manager’s businesses to a PMI franchise because of its exceptional training and support. Industry leaders and NARPM’s upcoming president and past president, Scott Abernathy and Brian Birdy, are not only top trainers in the industry, but have converted their businesses to PMI in order to benefit from the systems, training, and support they receive. There is a new and better way to manage properties today, and that is found in owning a PMI franchise. Established property managers are converting their business to the PMI model because of the power behind its nationwide brand and the systems, training, and tools that have helped them grow their existing businesses. You can join the PMI revolution and start seeing growth for your business as well.

6. Plan a better exit strategy. Many property manager veterans have worked for years, but haven’t figured out how to exit their business and really benefit from their hard work. When you align yourself with an established brand that is rapidly becoming the number one most recognized property management brand, you will build long term equity that you can convert to cash when you retire or start the next adventure in your life. PMI can help you plan and create an exit strategy so you can enjoy the rewards from your hard work.

7. Have a better competitive advantage. PMI’s franchise network is rapidly expanding. With no signs of slowing down, PMI will put a franchise in your territory at some point. You don’t want to compete against PMI’s technology and systems. Join PMI before another sharp property manager does. Today, PMI has 275+ franchisees in nearly all fifty states and growth is accelerating at a rapid pace. PMI has been named the #1 franchise in its category for the past four years in a row by Entrepreneur magazine. Simply put, when you invest in a PMI franchise, you’ll be a part of that growth. You’ll have access to corporate help AND a rapidly growing legion of franchisees that will support and help you implement what works now.

8. Stay current with property management trends with better systems. PMI helps new franchisees get started quickly with the most extensive online training library available in the property management industry. When someone starts a franchise with PMI, they immediately have access to a personal coach and online access to the most robust training in the industry. With PMI, you’ll ensure that you will stay on top of what works. You’ll stay current and be implementing the best strategies before most other property managers even know they exist.

9. Make your property management business more manageable. Most property managers quickly become overwhelmed with the little details it takes to make their business work. As a result, they neglect adding new doors and growing their business. They are so busy working in their business, that they aren’t able to work on their business. Don’t make that mistake. Join the leaders and top property managers everywhere who are making the shift to a PMI franchise.

You can make your business more manageable and more rewarding. Don’t delay. Your opportunity to join the PMI family may be snatched up by a competitor. You don’t want to see them enjoying the fruits of a growing business while your business loses doors. Call PMI today to learn more about how you can benefit from PMI’s systems and rise to the top of your market.

Don’t reinvent the wheel in property management. You don’t want to see someone else’s success and wish it was you. The biggest and best property management firms are switching to PMI. Will you? Join PMI and start getting the results you want now.